Is it just me, or is this an unattractive design?

I try not to shit all over cars I don’t like. It’s just rude and non constructive. So much hate for everything out there. I have much love to give. But I’ve never, ever, liked the Duster. I get the point, a cheap mopar that fits big meats in the rear.

It’s the “fastback” Valiant, but to me, it’s always looked like the Plymouth Pumpkin. Or a “FATBACK”.

While not exactly the same car, this version is so much more attractive, and kept the 1967 lines till 76. These were out of style at the time, but the years have been kind to this classic look. I’d love one of these, but you’d have to give me a Duster. (not that I wouldn’t take it). The Duster may be the most 70s car ever, but is it a good looking design? and like all Mopars they go for 5 times what they’re worth, Beacuse Mopar people are insane, and ruined Mopar for everyone else. (The revised history says Ma Mopar ONLY made rare and valuable cars) Sorry to name-call, but you know this to be true. So much (ghetto) love for the Duster, Am I missing something?


I appologize to the Duster Faithful, and Admit my classic ride is a beige 4 door, but come on, Duster? are we that uncivilized? -Dash.