At this point I expect nothing less from the Lexus.

Changing valve cover gaskets and spark plugs turned into a struggle. More after the jump.

Spark plug wire left it’s boot on the plug and it’s proving impossible to remove. Also less than a year old Duralast Gold wires are arcing across to each other.


The boot in question, on the driver side bank right up against the firewall with the brake booster.

Those grey sections are from arcing between plugs.


Over time the arcing broke a hole through this shield. I’m not sure what is causing such high voltage demand, the plug gaps arnt extreme.

Most of the plug wires broke before letting go of the plug, and the plastic tube nearly shattered upon attempts to remove with plyers (after the rubber seal top bit broke off). Plug wires can be a pain but this is excessive, Changing the spark plugs should not cost an extra $100.


Added a check valve to the crankcase vent to keep it from becoming pressurized.


Dual cam goodness/ the least organized engine bay known to man.

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