However, I can remember exactly what got me into cars.

It was Thanksgiving 2003. My family had driven up to north Georgia to have dinner with my grandparents and other family. After the conclusion of dinner we’re going back to my grandparents house. My uncle had brought his 2002 M3, which my dad asked him to give me a ride in. I don’t remember too much about it, other than the fact that I needed one. Can’t remember what about it that I liked, but from that day I’ve been a BMW person.


Another thing I can remember developing a want for was a Rolex Datejust. This past week, I was reminded of why I wanted one.

Back in high school, we came across a fake one. Now, I had worn a watch before, in fact from middle school through sophomore year, but I never really had a desire for a luxury watch. That was until we came across this:


I got sent these pictures this past week; they’re a decade old at this point and the watch is lost to history. We’re 99% sure it was fake, but it was a pretty good quality fake.

This is part of the reason I bought an M3 and part of the reason I wear a real Datejust now. 

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