I took the day off today and made the trek out to Tire Rack’s South Bend, IN distribution center. I saved $70 in shipping, plus installation and tire fees are a lot cheaper too. All told I’m saving about $150 over just going to a local shop. I haven’t taken a personal day in five years, so I figured why not.

The people here are super friendly, there’s a nice selection of free coffee/tea/snacks for while you wait. Installation is first come first served. There is a screen with the order you’re in line and estimated wait time, and they text you when it’s time to pull in.


I’m surprised to see that there is nary a lift in sight, just a butt-load of floor jacks. There’s a big window looking out onto the shop, but you can only see your vehicle if it’s in the closest bay (mine isn’t). It’s nice to see that they put wheels on with a proper torque wrench.

Their test track is right next to the installation center, but nothing is running on it right now, unfortunately.

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