At what point (in the States) will automobiles with manual transmissions become so undesirable by the general public that the bottom will completely drop out on their resale value?

And have they made enough GT4s and manual GT3s for this to apply to these as well? =)

But seriously, it’s just a foregone conclusion, right? Would love to see the statistics, broken down by age, of Americans who still regularly drive a manual, and also who actually can. When does total supply completely overwhelm demand? Used Jeeps would be a good barometer, I think, considering how many there are and how well they keep their value. If values start dropping considerably for manuals relative to automatics because there are just so many available for sale and insufficient buyers, that will be a pretty clear indicator.


Thankfully, there is a very strong nostalgia in the States for cool, old mechanical/analog things, and I assume that will continue as the world becomes more virtual/digital. Hopefully there will also be enough of us interested in old, manual sports cars, SUVs & trucks. That said, I wouldn’t at all mind being able to buy a GT4 for $30k in 2030... Hopefully my back holds up.

Gif: tastic!

For your viewing/listening pleasure (analog supercar comparison):

I like to think that some of the young engineers that helped design and build the S70/2 were still around to design and build the S65B40 in my car.

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