ATF filler and fluid pumps - recommendations?

Every time I go near one of those cheap, shitty fluid pumps I swear it’ll be the last. But this time I mean it! After the fiasco that was changing the Land Rover’s transmission fluid, I’ve decided for the upcoming Jaguar service I want something... better. (Sidenote: WHAT WAS SO WRONG WITH HAVING A DIPSTICK!?)



Not really wanting to spend more than $80 on it, it needs to at least appear to be easy to clean so I can use to do my diffs too, and would be nice if it were usable without a lift. I wouldn’t hate something that I could use as an extractor (though I’ve never had a strong need outside my MightyVac) and a pump, but that is a soft need. 

Poking around Amazon there appear to be a wide variety available, but nothing that catches my eye as good value for money.

This Mityvac MVA6851 looks... ok, even if I have no idea how it works. If I am guessing correctly, I’d say it’ll be an improvement over a leaky oil pump, but only just.

Also it sort of looks like a sex toy, but that is probably a “me” problem.

IIRC my favorite mechanic uses something similar and it seems... OK.

Going up a little bit gets me this jankity homebrew contraption, which appears to be a modified water filter housing turned into power fill by the magic of... fittings. Not a terrible option for the price, but the narrow base and general... homebrewness of it makes me nervous.


This Motive Products 1735 seems to be the most... what I am looking for. At $65 it seems to be the cheapest of this style, reviews well, and I actually understand how it would work. It lacks a ball valve that some of the more expensive units have (but could be added for $10) and only comes with one “hook,” I’m sure none of which I’d find annoying in the slightest......


Going up to $80+ opens up a variety of options with more attachments and fittings. All good things, but the prices are getting up there for something I’ll only use twice per year (or so).


So.... I dunno! I feel like there are better options out there?

Help me Oppo! What do you guys like to use/ recommend?

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