ATS 6 speed, anyone got any wheel-time with it?

So my dad is still down with the 328 6-speed, but he is one of those people who doesn't like to get what everyone else has. And there is about a bajillion 3 series roaming around S. Jersey. I can count on one hand how many ATS I've seen. I know the only way to go is with Mag-Ride and Brembos, and that the early gearboxes were a bit sloppy but that is really it. I have driven the F30 328, and it is pretty sweet. I sent him the Jalopnik review and ideally he would test-drive both, but the manual ATSs are far away and I don't want to send him on a long trip if it is not worth it. So do any of you have experience with the ATS 2.0T 6 speed?


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