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Attacked some side roads tonight, think I named my FiST

I went pounding some back roads today after work on my way to a grocery store. I had this song on the sound system and everything seemedto click so I think I found the name for my FiST. Everyone, meet my newly christened Fist once again - Blue Orchid.

Her theme song is Black Orchid's song from the latest killer instinct. I am not a fan of the newest game, but hot damn is her song great for storming corners. Gotta love the line "I don't really want to let you live, baby. Come on round I'll knock you down, touch me and I'll break your face" when you line up for a jump.

I'm going to a porsche club of America autocross at the tire rack facility in indiana this weekend so we shall see if I can get another 2nd in the "non-Porsche" class and somewhat close to the 4th overall I got at the last one.

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