So recently a friend and I have been out Urban Exploring. She had an idea for a music video to a song she heard while in Japan. The idea was for a post apocalyptic themed love story, so we found a place and a some dude that looked apocalypse-ish and went to work. I shot it, her and her the post apocalyptic looking dude starred, and her and I edited it. Filming took place over the span of two hours on an early morning, and the total budget was $1.59 for a cookies and cream chocolate milk from Wawa to stay hydrated. All other props were found on site.

What do you guys think in terms of the shots, panning, creativity, editing, color balance etc? Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed. Also, if you don't understand the story line, let me know and I'll explain. I find accurately conveying the story line without the use of words to always be quite challenging, but we tried our best. This was our first real attempt at anything like this. Her and I always have a bunch of ideas but never do anything with them. So the fact we actually finished this is a miracle.

**This film was entirely made possible by the trusty 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata support vehicle**