What follows is a shining example of Windows’ ‘love’ for PC gaming, and the complexity of the platform (which I like, EE4Lyfe, yo). It’s no Games for Windows Live, but it’s still to be seen whether it’s a lot better.

1. Buy the game. So far so good, though the Store app did say ‘something went wrong’. The money was taken from my credit card and the game was added to my library, so just a bug probably.


2. Try to install. Uh-oh.

It’s in Dutch, but I’m sure you’ll understand

According to the Windows Store, my 16 GB of RAM and my R9 Fury just disappeared. Same issue with Forza 6 Apex, but that was installed when it just came out, and it’s still playable.

Horizon also requires the Windows 10 Anniversary Update apparently, so I’m currently installing that. Let’s hope it solves the other problems as well.


3. Try to install - part 2. After updating, I’m now allowed to install the game. 60 GB of free space, really?! Disk cleaning it is.

4. Try to install - part 3. Currently downloading...



5. Launch - part 1. Surprise, surprise, graphics driver update needed.

6. Launch - part 2. Driver update done. I can now no longer access the Windows Store (closes immediately, presumably due to the Anniversary Update), but I can access Horizon from the start menu, so all is well (enough) for the moment. Fingers crossed.


7. Enjoy! It’s alive! First impressions: lots of fun, Microsoft half-assed 21:9 support, some annoying stuttering, especially in the real-time rendered cutscenes (probably GPU driver related? issue with both NVIDIA and AMD). Australians drive on the left, so I chose a Ute to remind me.

8. Despair! I managed to unlock 2 extra festival locations, but now the game is randomly crashing to desktop. Oh well, waiting for Microsoft to fix their issues is fun as well, right? Right?