Can get A complete history of the vehicle, any pets? what kind? Smoked in? what was smoked in it? has it ever had a parking ding? or anything go wrong with it? ever?

How ‘bout that timing belt? “it doesn’t have one” -”hondas all have belts?” Not this one “I think you’re mistaken or scamming me” “just google it”

or “ I have no problem with condition or price! will buy now,-paypal/shipper/cheque etc.”

And lots of people Haggling but never showing up to have a look.

“Can I get the vin?” “it’s on the dash feel free to come take a picture”

I’m not good at this am I?

Edit: For a living I have to convince people that their radio won’t turn off because their door latch is failing. I find any combination of people and autos equals stupid. (except oppos, we ask if we don’t know something)