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Attending a Subaru Rally Car Driving Experience in October at Summit Point

Hasn't been easy to sign up for this thing.

So I was cruising living social a few months ago and found this driving experience. Awesome I thought to myself. Signed myself up. You do a briefing thing, do a driving simulator, do some hot laps with an instructor and then they let you drive with an instructor in the passenger seat. So I bought 3 laps. Should be fun. Get the email after my purchase. Its like you cant redeem these for a month or something but then after that pick a date and have at it. So I wait. Go to redeem my voucher on the MaxxiRally website and it wont let me. I type all my information correctly and it just does nothing when I hit send. Im like okay... So I try a few more times from different computers and browsers. Nothings working. What the hell. So I write living social customer service. They are like yea talk to the rally people its out of our hands and your refund period is over. So you cant redeem in time to get a refund anyways...So I call the MaxxiRally event people who only answer their phones during certain times. Never get a hold of anyone and leave a message. Sent them emails saying Hey I cant redeem my voucher help me please. No response. So Ive just been periodically just attempting to get on the site and redeem my voucher so I'm not out $140 bucks or so. FINALLY today I was able to get in and reserve a date. There was a scheduled event this weekend for this thing. So I was going to do that. The only date I could get was in October because it took me so damn long to get the reservation in because of their stupid site and no help whatsoever from livingsocial or the MaxxIRally people.


So this will be my first and last livingsocial driving experience and ill have to go to scheduled events at tracks and shell out hundreds of dollars for the same thing. Dang. It could have been so easy. And its also a shame because I saw a few other ones I'd be interested in but I wont be attending those.

This will be my first HPDE. So after that Ill just build my own track car and go to Friday at the track at Summit Point myself to learn to drive fast in my own car.


So overall I'm glad I finally got it booked and got a date set. But it could have been so much more smooth. I'll let you know how it goes come...October 19th...Gah

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