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Anyone up to grab a beer Saturday night? Also, I’m going to try and get to the Coffee and Cars at the Oasis on Sunday. Anyone else heading out there?


For Saturday night: I’m open as far as locations are concerned, but I probably won’t be able to meet until 9:30 pm. Obviously, Jalopnik staff are invited as well. If we MUST meet at Posse East, I’ll do it. Anywhere but 6th Street; I outgrew most of that area by the time I turned 21. Of course, if we want to have DRINK drinks, suggest a good martini-swilling joint.

Sunday: I’m happy that there’s finally a good reason to go to the Oasis aside from the view and drinks (the food there is, and always has been, HORRIBLE. Granted, I’ve never been to the other restaurants that grace the complex now, but I’m not sure I can get over 30 years of culinary disappointment). I know there’s a few Austin-based folks here that have some show-worthy cars, so let me know if you’re bringing your whip or attending to drool on said whips.


Who wants in?

UPDATE: Draught House, around 10pm or so. I’ll be in a tan sweater and a blue “Don’t Mess With Texas” hat.

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