Not sure if many Hyundai owning oppos know this. But recently I was in a hydroplaning accident and the front airbag deployed. I went through the entire insurance process and stuff. Besides a few parts on backorder, every thing went fine. That was until the shop went to send the car to the dealer for the airbag replacement. Hyundai now requires that for every the front air bags deploy, the entire front writing harness needed to be replaced. Yes, EVERYTHING. The dealer didn’t tell the shop this when they got the initial quote. You can imagine that this sounds very expensive, and it is. 2-2.5k for the harness and 2k in labor. If this was discovered before the body shop finished majority of the work, my car would have been totaled. Now I gotta wait a couple more weeks. I bet state farm isn’t very happy with Hyundai at the moment.