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Attention non-BMW-owners

Do you run in a pack with that certain type of blinker fluid deficient friends? Do you always feel left out of the conversation because you don’t speak their arcane language? Perhaps you just want to observe the social customs of the tribe as an interested outsider.  Or maybe you’re eyeing your first BMW purchase and you want to join the culture, but need to brush up for your entrance exam.

Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating to translate all that “E91" and “F60" stuff into English and stay with the conversation. But fret no longer! Like the Rosetta Stone did with ancient languages before it, this resource is your key to understanding the opaque lingo of Bavarian car culture. Just keep it bookmarked whenever you wade into the wilds of the automotive internet, and you’ll be chatting with the natives like you’re one of them in no time!


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