Attention Oppo: There was once a vehicle called the "FART".

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The “FART BREACK” to be exact, with “FART” being an acronym that stands for “Fabbrica Autoveicoli Rimorchi Torino”. I have no idea what “BREACK” means, though. Maybe the designer had a heart attack or something just before naming the thing, and the last thing he managed to sputter was “breack!”, so that’s what they named it?. Whatever the case, the FART BREACK was a light utility vehicle manufactured in Turin, Italy in 1965, using a Fiat 500 Giardiniera engine. Not surprisingly, it’s really hard to research this thing because if you google its name, you mostly get fart jokes. After a while, though, I did manage to find one website that offered a little bit more information about it. Apparently, it was designed by an ex-Ferrari engineer, featured extra gear reduction in addition to the stock Fiat drivetrain, could climb a 40% grade, and topped out at 40 mph. They unfortunately never went into production, but about three prototypes were built. Too bad. Those FARTs look like fun.


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