The Liberty Foundation’s B-17G “Madras Maiden” will be visiting the Allegheny County Airport for flights and tours August Fifth and Sixth.

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B-17G 44-8543 was built by Lockheed-Vega in 1944, and assigned to Wright-Patterson in Ohio to be converted to a “Pathfinder” using the H2X radar. WWII ended before the plane saw service, however, and it spent the next fourteen years as a R&D plane in both EB and ETB-17G configurations before being sent to the Boneyard and struck off USAF rolls in 1959. It was transferred to civilian ownership and spent several years flying cargo from Florida to the Caribbean before being converted for fire ant spraying. In 1979 it was sold again, and over the next 31 years it was restored to combat configuration and began appearing at airshows and fly-ins.

Public flights will be done between 10-2 both days, after which the plane will be opened until 5:30 for tours.

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