I am planning on making a nice and large post with words detailing many topics and I could use some pictures to go along with them. Using sketches/stick figures/or doodles/whatever, I would love your help to draw pictures of the following:

-A 1950's/60's style propaganda picture of a person standing there holding a steering wheel looking confused- I will use this for the lead

-A person dragging a driver out of a car and holding a sword to their throat

-a diagram of various hand insults coming out of a window, (ie. a hand giving the finger, an up yours etc...)

-a ghost of Charles Darwin grabbing a steering wheel

-a frustrated/angry face next to a calm/happy face of the same person

-a lady holding her panties draped over a finger all sexy like (just the hand holding them would suffice)


-cops beating a driver with night sticks/clubs all Don King style

-a cell phone being shoved up a person's ass

-Another 1950's/60's style propaganda picture of a person giving the thumbs up