My biggest gripe with turbocharged engines is how either dull or completely synthetic they sound. Doesn't matter what you do. An F30 328i/GTI/xxxx GDI 2.0T still sounds like a diesel tractor with a "race exhaust".

Well, after nearly 3 decades out of the automotive escargot game, this is Ferrari's first turbo effort, and boy does it sound great. I have driven the F430 and 458, and if this YT vid is accurately capturing the sound this thing sounds throatier. If someone had told me this was naturally aspirated, I'd believe it. And it is a flat plane V8, which is basically 2 I4s sharing a crank, revving to a relatively low 7500 RPM. I.e. well within the reach of mainstream 4s. Not really a huge or high HP/L engine either (for something turbocharged). So BMW, Hyundai, VWAG etc really don't have any more excuses for their 2.0Ts sounding like ass. Step it up!