Attn Car Youtubers, Calm Down On Your Car Purchasing

Guys, trust me, I understand how important it is to build your brands and what a shortcut to a gold mine car ownership is for building your online brand and networking. That said, maybe we are getting to a point where we need to show how much we can enjoy what we have rather than how many stunts we can pull off with Youtube revenue in order to appease our frenzied audiences.

Remember that your life and happiness outside the lens is worth more than the clicks. I dont want to see people get depressed and harm themselves trying to keep up with what they’re seeing in their feeds daily.


New cars every 90 days, new mods every Tuesday, six cuts of the same “review” of your “friend’s” whatever-gets-a-click every other day, all the soap opera video titles and thumbnails, and rambling in order to hit that ten or twenty minute video length are all going to ruin cars for you and ruin someone’s financial life eventually.

There’s a difference between being an Entertainer and being the entertainment. One has the audience coming to see you, the other has the audience coming to see what you will do for them. You can leave a legacy or you can leave a hashtag. Be in control of your channels and your lives.

Also, buying a second new version of the same new car you own is weird. Ya’ll are doing stuff that even rappers dont do except in the case of owning a black X6 and a white X6. Oh, and get married already!

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