Minor update: my wife posted on Facebook that it’s been nicked and it’s now up to 400 shares. Not bad for a niche-interest post in a country with a population of 12.

I just found out that some time in the last two weeks some scumbags took my car & trailer from the Auckland building I store it in. Car is as per the photo, trailer is a twin-axle tilt deck, rego J387D.

Probably the car’s been parted out by now, in which case the most likely recognisable thing to turn up is a 308 engine, identifiable by Yella Terra hi-port ally heads engraved with the name Steve Mattich (the engine builder).


Please pass this on to anyone you know in the NZ modified car & racing community, and if you hear anything let me know so I can tell the cops. Because they entered a private premises to take it, that makes it a burglary not just a car theft, so it will actually get a bit of followup.

I’ll bump this periodically for the next few days so more NZ guys can see it, and update once the building owner’s checked their CCTV footage: there must have been a towcar, hopefully they were dumb enough to use a non-stolen one.