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Attn: Ottawa-Montreal Opponauts: Lets drive across the River.

Given the inspiration of all the meetups that have been going on, I say "We get our own damn meet up".

I was planning on driving across the ice road across the Ottawa River on Saturday in Pointe-Fortune.


Edit: I should also note, the ice bridge goes from A to B direct across the river. Google however doesn't believe in this lol.


Edit: Our meetup point before the bridge shall be the Esso Travel Plaza at 420 Chemin de la Mairie, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0 at either noon or 1pm on saturday. Let me know if you have a preference.


Let me know on here if any of you are interested, and we can have a meet, where we all drive our winter bangers across the Ottawa River. The bridge costs $6.50 If anyone is an amateur photographer I bet we could get some awesome shots, although we'd have to keep our distance from eachother so we don't fall in!

This spot is basically in the middle of our fine cities, about an hour from each.

The weather forecast is looking good, it's supposed to be a high temp 0f -3 on saturday.


It'd be a mighty Oppo way to spend the day!

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