Attn: Welders of Oppo

I went to see this extremely clean E28 today. The body is straight, the paint is great, the interior is in phenomenal shape, it’s pretty much the most promising E28 I’ve ever seen. 1988 535i, 5 speed. Lachsilber paint, cardinal red leather comfort interior. The only thing wrong with some gnarly rust in a weird place. The shock towers, frame rails, and almost all of the floors are perfect. But the front of the drivers floor is...gone. And there’s a couple holes in the rockers, so I’m really not sure how far the rust goes.


I really want it, and if he comes down significantly from $4500, I might. He’s realistic, and knows this could very well be really extensive repair work. But all the rest of the car is so freakin good.... It’s so rare to see E28s around here in such good shape....apart from that section of floor and rocker. 

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