Conference call today with my attorneys. Cert petition with US Supreme Court is due on Halloween. Buffer image.

The insurance company wants to offer $250,000 to settle the case against me, largely in recognition of the cost of litigating this to the Supreme Court and back. A part of me says no, because I did not do anything wrong. I want to fight and be vindicated.

But the lawyer in me reminds me that I always tell my clients that there is no victory to be had in litigation, and you should always seek to get out of a lawsuit if you can. Attorney me would tell me not to be an idiot. It isn’t my money, so what do I care if the insurance overpays for the claim? Then it is over and I don’t have to think about it.

Sadly, the other side is out to wreck me, not to get money, so I doubt they will take a deal anyway.


I took my Cressida to Keith, and they gave me a labor estimate for the cylinder head replacement. Oof. In layman’s terms, it was a lot.

They have to locate the part, so we will see if they can beat the price I found. My wife was resolute in her detemination to save this car. “It is a project,” she said.