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Auction progress: surprising number of bids

I’ll take it as a good sign that folks are already biding each other 6 days out from the end of the auction. 8 bids and 542 page views. Most things I sell on eBay get next to no action until right before the end. I’ve gotten questions from and have corresponded with a couple of bidders already. I may have underestimated interest in the car. I didn’t even try submitting it to BAT, as my take on most of the racecars that end up there are ones that have more provenance, are far prettier or are otherwise a bit more special than just an old IT car.


All of the inquiries from the Craigslist ad have been scams so far. Given that I know most, if not all, of the road racers I’m not really expecting a sale of this car via list o’ Craig. It’s a bit too specialized for purchase by anyone not already a road racer or likely to be well on the way to being one.

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