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Audi 100 goal completions, quandries

So last night I got the tranny oil changed with Royal Purple 75w-90 synthetic, shift bushings replaced (feels nice now!), stock stereo line out wires fixed, climate control wiring beefed up, IAC/crankcase breather cleaned out and idle adjusted, CIS CO2 adjusted, timing tweaked, and I picked up a set of almost new Toyo Proxes 1 for a couple hundred beans. Tonight should be the last snow worth talking about so I am getting ready to swap the Nokians off the car. Should I swap the Hakkas off the BBS and run the Toyos on the BBS, and then put the snows onto a set of 90 rims I have, or keep the BBS for the winter, put the toyo's to the 90 rims and run those. I am on the fence either way. Hmmmm suggestions?


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