Old bae and new bae staring each other down. White girl and brown girl share shoes both think they wear them better.

Part 5 from sometime last year:

Since last we spoke, little has happened. I traded the ‘Lude for a MB 300E that I recently sold, sold a van I had, bought an E30 with tax money, and finally decided to work on the persistent disappointment that lurks outside my front door.

Over the last 10 days I have been collecting parts to get this sour Kraut back to running condition. This time with zero excuses.


I had trouble with spark before I got it running last time so I bought a distributor hall effect sensor (pick up coil), the starter was dead so I got one of those, the signal wire to the starter burned off so I bought wire, butt connectors and a pack of female blade quick disconnects, and to top it off a battery because that was dead also. Like I said, no excuses.

Pulled the dizzy to rebuild it and the first think I encountered was a slotted screw that was stubborn. Rather than spend all my time in that, I decided to put the starter in.


2 bolts and a nut, starter out. I fix the length of wire that is horribly corroded and burnt for the signal wire with aforementioned electrical hardware and reinstall starter.

Happy with my handiwork, I turn the key. Nothing. Dammit.

Oh yea, the battery...

Installed battery, got dingding key noises, turn key. Nothing. Dammit.

Those high amperage cables from the battery were rather corroded. Back under the car, clean lugs until shiny like new penny, install, even more proud of a job done proper.


Insert key, depress clutch, turn key.



Whip out trusty Klein DMM. Set for continuity beep. Check every fuse in the car. Good. Dammit.


By then it was dark. I was going to work on it today but it’s amazing the influence an infant has on your time schedule.

More soon?....