By the end of this week, the lease transfer on my M235i will be complete. It is sad to see it go, but that also means I need to start working on finding a replacement vehicle. My dealership has decided to keep me on to work in the summer, and my living situation at school this upcoming year will require a car, so I am now poised to purchase something new. I am choosing between 2011 335i Xdrive Coupes with around 50k miles, and this S4. I’ve owned a 335i Xdrive coupe in the past (along with 4 other BMW’s), so I know what they are about. I’ve never driven an S4 though. This one seems to be priced reasonably, and has all the mods I would want on it. It is even has two years of CPO warranty left on it, but would have to be flashed back to stock before being brought in for service. Tell me if it looks like a good buy.


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