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Audi, I've Decided I Can Forgive You for the Allroad

O.k. we have been through this a million times before; automakers don't really care about us wagon fans. Well, that is not totally true. BMW and Volvo still have a place in their hearts for us, albeit a small one. I was bitter for a while that Audi discontinued the A4 Avant in the U.S, to be replaced by the Allroad. I still haven't forgiven Subaru for killing my beloved Legacy wagon for the Outback. I understand why these models have had to evolve with market tastes but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

Have I mentioned enough times how much I miss my LGT?


(not my car, actually OCDSubies ride)

But I digress Audi, I have come to terms that we are most likely not going to get the awesome RS4 Avant, which is fine because I don't have the 75+ grand it would cost to get one anyway. This car will remain in my fantasies.

And I am no longer going to ask you to bring back the A4 Avant...because I came up with a fairly elegant and simple solution to sell your Allroads and make the wagon fans happy.


I came across this yesterday-


I said, "Wow, that looks sweet, it's almost like an RS4!" I am well aware that I could very easily purchase an Allroad, and go to the aftermarket and have it lowered. There are many fine gear-heads that love aftermarket parts. I admire those people, but for several reasons including warranty coverage and just plain laziness, I want something from the factory and be done with it. Of course had you offered the current generation Allroad with the adjustable air-ride suspension like the last one, all would be well and we would not be having this conversation. No matter, what is done is done and here is what you can do to make things right again- Allroad S-Line offer an optional "sport suspension package" with lowered springs and a sportier ride throw in some flappy paddles and viola'- the Avant lives again! All these suspension bits are already available in the home-country, you don't have to worry about the hassles of reintroducing a different car with limited sales numbers. The Allroad S-line could be ordered as desired and everyone wins. I haven't given up on you Audi...please don't let me down.

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