Audi needs to make this

I was reading C&D's bit about the new Audi R8 and I found myself thinking: what a brilliant opportunity. Think about it: an electric R8 with 400 mile range. It is too similar in price, power and proportion to it's Italian brother and it brings a very sober, German attitude to what should a fun, playful environment. I mean, look at this interior:

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It is the epitome of Left-brain styling.

It's more cyborg than red-blooded, right? So why not go all the way? Why not drop the engine and replace it with a huge-ass battery like Rolls did with the Phantom?


We know there's a market for all wheel drive, high performance luxury cars - thanks, Elon, for the "insane mode" - so why not jump right in?

Come on, Audi. You can do eeeeeet.

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