So my husband is getting a year older and we we going to Disney to celebrate. Neither of us wants to put 400 miles on our cars round trip so I rented a Audi Q5 for the week from Silvercars, the company that rents only Audi. (And now it is owned by Audi Audi owners get great discounts renting there)

The weather today has been lousy so pics are shitty but it looks like this:

The car looks pretty good in the mild crossover kind of way. It’s comfortable. The car feels slower than it is, which speaks to its solidness and stability. I didn’t even realize I am at 90mph until I look down. Lots of crosswind on the Florida turnpike so it wiggled a bit but it is not terrible. It is also a little more linear than my S3 the power delivery is gradual and gentle. It is basically comfortable.

This one came with virtual cockpit and google earth like my S3 so driving it is a semi familiar experience. Acceleration is not bad for a heavy crossover with only 248(?) hp and the torque makes highway maneuvers easy to live with. As much as I do not like crossovers I won’t hate this with the heat of a thousand suns.


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