Audi Q7 follow up

So if you didn't read my previous post, my moms Q7 fuel pump started acting weird, giving inconsistent fuel, maybe on for half a second then of for a half. So it went into service and they said that it would be 3.7k just to diagnosis it(they had to take out the transmission), and the warranty just ran out. Audi wouldn't even give goodwill for 50% off or something. So they did the diagnosis, and it turns out it was a timing chain in the fuel pump. No Audi dealership has ever fixed them before because to fix it they would have to take out the engine, and the price in labor alone would be over half of what it is worth(10k in total). Apparently they suspected it was this from the beginning, which is why they wouldn't help out financially. They offered to give us 2k off the wholesale price of it, about 12k, but that wouldn't even cover what still needs to be payed off. And the 12k is 12k off another Audi.


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