Audi S3: a 12-month Oppo review and bonus DOTS

I live in Florida. What do you expect?

Good morning to the good people of Oppo.

It has been a little more than a year since I bought a thing. Through the always helpful Tom McParland, i got this 2017 S3 with 7500 miles on it for less than Golf R money. Since then I have wrote about it a couple of times.


Under my care, the little German Rocket has done about 12,000 miles in the past year, including the Irma-inflicted 2000-mile trip from Florida to Alabama and back. So i think it is time to give it the 12-month review.


I think it is safe to say that the “VAG makes unreliable” cars has been the longest running joke in the car-enthusiast world. But lucky for me, the S3 hasn’t had a major issue in the past year. The forums and FB groups have listed a litany of issues from squeaky sunroofs to Haldex failures, but nothing has happened to my car yet.

It went through 2 services at my (brand new) local dealer, and the only issue of note is a CEL (of course) a month ago. The diagnosis is a engine misfire, the service guy said i had bad gas in it, but i always use premium so i have no idea what on earth he is talking about. Either way, the problem is sorted with software.

A nice bonus: turns out the first owner bought the Audi service plan and it stayed with the car. So free services for me! yay!!



The S3 is great when it comes to daily driving. It zooms up the on ramp like a rocket and it is faster than you feel. If you don’t pay attention to the speedo you would be running 90 without a sweat.

Too fast for my own good.

The backseat remains the domain of shopping or amputees when the front seats are adjusted to fit our fat asses. The Audi connect package (Google Earth overlay, etc.) is fun, and a nice gimmick, but I am not sure it is a gimmick worth $300 a year. As it is, the car comes with google maps anyway with 3d buildings, and it has Apple Carplay, so really it is not a big deal.


The fit and finish of the interior remains fantastic, no peeling surfaces, so squeak and rattles, but I find myself wishing for more storage spaces (the glove box is tiny). Also missing: a valet key and seat memory, which make me spend 3 minutes moving my seat and mirrors when my hubby drove the car. The fold-down seats are great (i did not have them in my E90) for IKEA stuff and luggage for visiting friends.


12 months and 12,000 miles later, the S3 is still a good car. It has faults for sure, but nothing major. Reliability has been good so far, in fact it has less problems than my first 12 months with my last BMW. So far, so good then.

Sorry it was dirty.


Last week i saw this in the parking lot in my local park. Audi S6 Avant. Absolutely pristine.


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