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Audi S6 2006-'11

Hey oppo, what are your thoughts on this particular Audi? This has the 5.2L V10. From what I’m reading it may not actually be the most unreliable thing that Audi has put out. With the most major issue being carbon build-up and the havoc that can wreak on engine components. Unlike the S8 it does not have air suspension, so that’s a big plus in my eyes. Another concern of mine is that replacing/pulling the cats is an engine-out job, as well as the O2 sensors that are hiding near there somewhere.

One of the cars I found online.
One of the cars I found online.

On a related note, would there be any decent warranties available for a car like this? Would it be even worth it considering the $13k to $20k price of entry. My thought is that at this cost it’s an easy price of entry and I’d only drive it for 1 to 2 years and it wouldn’t cost me too crazy much to add V10 powered to my car ownership resume. The trade-in value on my current car would make up over 2/3rds of the purchase price if I pick one up for $15k-ish.

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