If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m attracted to vehicles that are far better than people think they are. The new TT RS, with its 400 hp aluminum block 5-cylinder, 0-60 mph launches in the 3.5 second range, and delimited top speed over 170 mph is a bit of a sleeper even after reading the numbers.

The RS3 hatch is going to be universally loved from launch to landing. This TT however will have all the same awful stigmas that will make the MX-5's reputation look like a legendary tome dedicated to protecting masculinity.

I’m just thinking about how close this TT RS is to the performance and pricing the GT-R went on a rampage with back in 2009. The Alfa Romeo 4c’s value is as an exotic car at a surprisingly low price point, but I think this TT RS might be a modern supercar for big sedan dollars.

Now I know the idea is uncomfortable and you are already typing your argument against this idea in the comments below, but after you click “publish” and read this part of the post then I want you to think about what the modern supercars are like and take another look at this ankle biter. Imagine it receiving a “performance plus” upgrade and then tell me if this tiny candy bar brawler isn’t the right amount of nutty deliciousness to be a certifiable FWD-biased supercar.

*KINJA WON’T LET ME POST WITH “PM” TIMES?!!! Just kept converting to AM every try...