I stopped by the 25hrs of Thunderhill last month to see Robb Holland race the Audi TT RS and catch up with friends running a wild E36. At 2am while chasing down the leaders, the Audi came in for a driver change. I wish I had a tripod or a camera I haven't dropped 10,000 times(replaced with a D800 last week) but this is their pitstop. Interesting that with the urgency of getting back into the lead they take their time and make zero mistakes. I thought it was pretty cool. Even better to wake up the next morning and hear they (and my friend Robb) won the race overall! I would have stayed to see it but needed to get back to Sonoma for the Lemons race.

Its a little boring if you're not into endurance racing but you rarely see these parts of the race so I thought I'd share.