This isn't a post about how we can't get RS6s and all that garbage that no one even buys. No, this is about a car that a lot of people would actually buy. Easily in numbers to turn profits on. But they don't.

The RS5. Rather, how we have a glorious RS5 but no RS4. Has Audi gone full retard? Have they forgotten what the market also likes to buy? That some people genuinely do go and buy a bonkers 4 door car that can handle family duty AND be a joy to toss around?

The RS4 Wagon doesn't count. Once again, stuff no one buys. But the RS4? Are they really going to let the M3 and C63 sit there taking all those sedan sales? Oh wait, what am I saying. Thats exactly what they have let happen since 2009.

Is Audi run by communists who hate sedans? Or just high powered sedans? Or just specific sedans? Or just...I don't know. Shenanigans?


Or maybe they were afraid of pricing?

I can no longer build a M3 coupe or sedan but Mercedes still has the C63 507 Coupe up and you can get a fully loaded 507 for 80,090 in Canada. A RS5? Similarly optioned you get the lovely priced of 94,500. Not a typo. Okay, lets kill the ceramic brakes. Thats still 89,500.

Is the RS5 worth 10 grand over the AMG? Or the BMW? Is it? Did Audi just say fuck it and go all in regardless of this massive gap in price? Who knows. I don't know.


All I know is I'm rambling. I want a RS4 sedan. Not a coupe. Not a wagon. A sedan. Yes. Me. Sedan. I'm weird.

See that above? Pretend thats a sedan. There. Sweet dreams.