Audio Books and MP3 Files- A Tale In First-World Problems

So my better half is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. As such she likes to listen to the audio books while she does crafts/chores/all the time. But not just any version of the audio books. The US versions are read by Jim Dale (who is I am sure a very fine human being), and as such vastly inferior to the UK versions which are read by Mr. Stephen Fry.

So “we” bough the UK versions on CD; which are outrageously expensive by the way.


Here is the problem- the discs are not simply organized by full chapter files, and instead each track is roughly 90 seconds. This is an issue when one wants to digitize these files for use on our modern portable audio players. Mrs. Adabofoppo has been using iTunes to rip these files, but their data for them is garbage, even to the point that they have certain tracks listed in the wrong chapter for some books.

Ideally, each chapter would be its own data file -not a collection of smaller tracks. So what software should I be looking for so that she can combine all the smaller tracks into one larger one without sacrificing audio quality?

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