So if I'm stuck with the hateful CRV for 5 or 6 more years (or longer), I guess I should make it a little more habitable. It has the crummy base LX stereo system. Four paper cone speakers in the door and a 30 watt AM/FM/CD head unit. I've perused Crutchfield and more or less decided on this Kenwood HU. Great consumer reviews, all installation bits included, and single DIN so I can keep the handy pocket that perfectly holds my wallet. It would be my b-day present from the wifey.

The problem I'm facing is speakers. I know Honda used a proprietary mounting system for th3 third gen CRV, although there are brackets available. I'll have to get a shallow cone design though, and that reduces options greatly. It's either $600-$1,000 for four new Alpine or Focal Integration speakers (no), or $80 for cheapies (any better than stock, really?). Any suggestions?

I also want to add tweeters. There are mounting points on the dash, blocked with plastic caps. Easy enough to get the factory speaker mesh caps and install aftermarket tweeters... I assume.

I probably don't need a sub or amplification. I guess? I'm not that much an audiophile. Most of the time I have the kids with me, which means the speakers in the front are turned off while Let It Go blasts in the back.

Mainly I just to add iPhone integration for hands free calling and BT audio streaming. I suppose I could do speakers later, after I've had more time to research and shop?