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Audio/wiring question for OPPO

Hey yall I’m looking to add an aftermarket subwoofer and a mono-amp to power it to my 1998 Ls400. It has the Nakamichi sound system, which sounds absolutely amazing, but the stock subwoofer died on me and I got a hold of a replacement sony sub for the rear deck. Having an impedance rating of 5ohms makes finding a new quality subwoofer difficult, it has plenty of hit but it is a bit buzzy and id like more low-volume bass.

My question is how to send the sub signal to the amp im going to install. This system only has wiring for the FL, FR, RL, and RR speakers. Instead of a direct signal for the sub, it uses the Nakamichi amplifier to send the high pass signals to the door speakers and the remaining low pass signals to the subwoofer. How do I send that low pass signal to my trunk amplifier for the subwoofer? It seems to me I need to tap into the nakamichi amplifier and not the signal from the headunit, since it doesnt have wiring for the subwoofer integrated into it. I believe I have a full wiring diagram for the system on my computer somewhere that I could post up on here if that helps. Thanks for any suggestions!


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