Since I moved into my new place, this has been my living room setup. A Sansui R-7, running a pair of Infinity Kappa 7.1 Series Is, and my girlfriends Audio-Technica AT-LP60. They’re sitting on a 1960s Marconi console stereo, but it’s having issues right now so it’s been relegated to furniture until further notice.

My computer setup, a little Sansui 210 running a pair of Realistic Optimus 800Cs. Very different from the Optimus 800, these were a Canada-only model, and the drivers have the same material and manufacturing tag on the magnet as my Dads SPL Monitor 4000s, which were supposedly in a totally different league from Realistics, but these ones sound phenomenal, on par with the SPLs and the Kappas, to my sort of good ear.

Now for the exciting part. A couple days ago, we got this monster from my girlfriends dad. A Sansui 9090DB.


We also got the speakers that went with it....


SP5500Xs, which I foolishly thought were related to the somewhat legendary SP5500s, but they aren’t, at all....They may be massive, but they don’t have the frequency range of the Kappas, or the accuracy, or the imaging, or the balance.......anyway. they were disappointing, but I had no idea how power-hungry the big Infinitys are. Going from a 35W/channel amp to a 125W/channel amp was a night and day difference. They literally sound like different speakers.

Testing out each amp with each pair of speakers. Weirdly enough, the big Sansuis sounded better with the little R7. I tried the Realistics with the R7 as well, but I just prefer the character of the 210, even though it has a bit less power.


The current living room setup. The SPs are just waiting until I make room in storage for them. This should be how it stays until we get a TV, or until my friend lends me his Dynaco tube amp to convert me from my solid-state Sansuis....