August Bucket List of Coolest Cars To Die In

There are some cars out there that I wouldn't want to "be caught dead in." Then there are others that I wouldn't mind getting gunned down in. This month, these are the cars I would actively go out of my way to die in should the time come to kick the bucket.

5. BMW 2002 Tii Turbo


Obviously, the couple in this pic look like they are wayyyy ahead of me on this. The driver for one, already looks like he's got one foot in the grave. This BMW made the roster because i'ts just cool. BMW was proud of this car and they weren't afraid to let this little narcissistic speed machine let others know either. The turbo 2002 on its meaty chin spoiler was purposely put on backwards just so the driver in front of you you read it normally from their rear view mirror. That driver instantly knew that you were packing some serious heat under that hood. He'd turn on his blinker to pull right in a gesture to let you pass him...but you ain't got time for floor it, ramming him off the road because you're a jerk. Also, it was a single lane mountain pass with no that guy drives off the cliff and kicks the bucket inside of his Fiat Punto. Not cool man, not cool.

4. Ferrari Mondial

Oh dear God,this has to be the greatest thing ever! I need a car with...has to be a convertible, definitely mid-engined...oh, and got to fit back there along with groceries. Do you have anything like that in your lot? Sir, this is Hertz. I have no idea if a car as ridiculous as you described exist, but I can offer you a Chevy Cruze with unlimited weekend miles?

Don't worry Brah, Ferrari's got this. It may not be the most established car in Ferrari's stable, but that's because those snotty losers with their Italia 458s have no idea what they're missing out on. Seriously, it's like Ferrari's best kept secret that only those in the know can truly appreciate. I for one am in the know, and will gladly shoot heroine into my body with you in this car until my heart stops. Hopefully it's like James Bond, where it has a defibrillator in the glove box to get me kicking again.


3. Any Kei Car


Kei cars have the system all figured out. I see the Kei car like this. This girl breaks up with her ex who was really huge and muscular (semi-truck)...for you. You are athletically fit, but you just have this quirky personality that drives her crazy for you (kei car). You guys are starting to get real serious and the ex catches whim of this...and he's the possessive jealous type too.He confronts you about it. You're the team's track star and you are also really good at parkour (it's your hobby...I did say quirky), so you can easily out run and out maneuver him in rush hour traffic. You're a kei car, you're fun and lovable and under that motorcycle sized powerplant of yours, you have bowling balls between your don't back down from anybody. You take him head on...(kei car vs. semi truck head on)....and end up in the ER trauma ward. At the end of the day, the ex is in custody and that girl of yours is lying by your bedside, crying her eyes out because she loves you with all her heart. That's a kei car to me, and that's why I would be honored to be by its side until my last dying breath...

2. 1st Gen Toyota Mr2


This car was inspired by origami. Every time I see this car, it's like I'm looking at an origami crane made by a beautiful young woman who is sophisticated and graceful in her mannerisms. but beyond that exterior is a wild passionate woman; the kind that you simply have no idea what you signed on a good way. This car eventually had a supercharger in it that had the looks, moves, and's a rush and made even better when you look at the "other choice." A Pontiac Fiero doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence here. This car's a keeper and it knows it.

1. Panther Solo


This car is my number one for this month, because it's so out there, that it strikes me as intriguing. It looks ok for what it is, but something about its personality is polarizing. It draws me in and when I see it face to face, it's a lone gal that doesn't need you or anyone else to help or support her. FYI, the slogan for this car was "Only the few fly solo." This car was the vision of Panther's chief executive Chull Kim. He had a vision in mind when making this car. He went on vacation to Guam were he tried out Toyota's new MR2 and was blown away by it. The MR2 was everything that he wanted his car to be. He telexed back to Britain to immediately stop work and get back to the drawing board for a better car. Only 26 were made before delays and financial issues crumbled the company. I respect the man for trying to live his dream and for trying to share that to the world, for better or worse. That's why this car makes number 1 this month of a car I would want to be caught dead in

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