Introducing a new weekly thing that I just made up, Aussie Ute Ad Of The Week. I thought you Seppos and Fog Breathers might find these interesting/amusing/abysmal.

This TVC dates all the way back to 2004-ish. The Ford BA XR8 Mark 2 Utility. 5.4L Boss running 350hp and a row-your-own 6 speed. ABS as standard, and traction control as an option if you weren't a real man.

The smart money was to get the XR6 turbo, however some blokes just had to have the V8 to stick it to the Holden crowd.

I still can't work out if the bogan in the passenger seat was ahead of his time with the semi-mullet, or just stuck in the 80s.


The ad was so successful that Ford released a limited 'Magnet' edition XR8, which they continued to milk in later models.


Next week, we'll see how Holden responded...