A BMW 2002 still sporting that rarely seen stock giganto-huge steering wheel.

A huge classy Olds Toronado came from Wisconso, and it was for sale.

These Hondas were there, showing civic wagon progress.


Twix-look Lemons racer civic appeared.

I spent waayyyyy more time here than I planned on (I usually leave by noon) but a lot of interesting people and a few interesting cars showed up. Also if you’re the guy with the 1st gen RX-7, please stand up.

I took more photos on my film camera earlier in the morning when the light was nicer and the lot was packed, so I’ll post those some time in the future.


Also rant time: The past two days I’ve encountered so many TOTALLY SHIT drivers around Austin. It would easy to blame out of state tourists here for SXSW, but every one of these clowns has had Texas plates. From the woman who was doing 15 in a 30 zone and swerving all over, to the neutered guy in the pickup who swerved onto the median to pass me when I slowed down for somebody making a right hand turn, cut me off with inches to spare, then changed lanes after a second anyway for no reason - the streets have been packed with monumental idiots. Hey! Maybe autonomous cars wouldn’t be such a bad idea here! Also today I was stopped at a light when some white bro guy with a sideways hat and some sort of cock fixation pulls up next to me, lays on the horn, then yells that I have a nice car - then starts saying I should eat a dick, then something about cocks, then something about dicks, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he kept shouting about dicks. Then he makes a right turn, and the black dude in the left turn lane looks over at me with the world’s most perfected WTF face and all I can do is ¯\(°_°)/¯

Because seriously what the fuck was that. What is any of this?