Guys and gals- You might have seen a few posts over the last week from me talking about buying a car in Australia, where I go a few times per year. I'd like to start establishing a credit history there since we are looking to buy a house in the next couple of years.

It didn't happen this trip, but we are headed back in a couple of months and I'd like to make it happen then. So I am looking for suggestions.


Critical Items:

- Relatively small size (have you seen the roads?)

- Reasonable Fuel Mileage (If I'm going to buy a V8, it's going to be a Ford Falcon XB.)

Almost-critical: Not available in the US.

Nice-to-haves (there might not be a car with all of these at the same time):

- Convertible

- Manual

- Diesel

- 4 Seats

Cars I have considered so far include a Holden Maloo (wife hates utes; I don't own enough singos anyhow); 2003 Alfa Spider; 1991 Nissan Figaro (still sort of like this, but the one I looked at had some issues); Mazda Cosmo 3-rotor (just really terrible fuel economy, and a weird motor means it would be difficult to have worked on).


Any ideas as to what I should look at?

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