This is blatantly copying For Canada’s post but with Australian plates instead of Canuckistani ones.

9. New South Wales

Do I even need to say anything? Just look at it.

8. VIC Education State/QLD Smart State


These are in the same spot not because of their design but instead what they say. The following gif is my reaction towards these.


7. South Australia

Not bad, just incredibly boring.

6. Australian Capital Territory.


It’s blue (Da ba dee).

5. Northern Territory


Unlike other plates it’s all numbers and is the same colour as the NT soil.

4. Queensland


Clean, same colour as their State of Origin team.

3. Victoria.


It has a blue triangle with a Southern Cross on it.

2. Western Australia


I like the sun in the middle.

1. Tasmania


This is #1 because it’s the only one that isn’t cripplingly boring and has some artistic flair too it.

If you thought Canadian plates were boring they’ve got nothing on these.