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Ok Oppo. Real question here. Important and timely. Any help is greatly appreciated. The sweet Porsche is unrelated to said question, sorry. But enjoy the picture.

So here is the question: Collision vs. comprehensive coverage. My mother-in-law hit a bicycle. On the interstate. Going about 60/65 mph. It fell off a bike rack two cars ahead and two lanes over. It hit the car in the lane next her and then got knocked into her car. Shitty.


So the insurance claims guy says because it was a moving object, it is covered under comprehensive coverage, which has a deductible that is $1000 more than collision. Basically he said if the bike would have been stationary in the road, it would have been covered under collision. I don’t see the difference. The bike shouldn’t have been there either way. She hit it. She had no way to avoid it.

As far as I knew, comprehensive covered things like vandalism, trees falling on your car, and such. But she hit something while driving that was in the road. I say collision should cover it as it was a collision.

For the record, the vehicle the bike fell off of and the other car it hit did not stop. She pulled over and a state trooper came but did not write up a report. And this is in Florida if that makes any difference.


So if you have expert knowledge about this, please let me know what you think in the comments or I can be emailed at my screenname at the gmail. Many thanks. Trying to save her $1000 here, so kinda important. Thanks.

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