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This is me just making up US mergers I’d like to see happen. Not predicting anything, just having some fun getting out a brain worm.


GM: [Cadillac-GMC-Buick-Chevrolet]

Would love to see GMC become a Ram/Jeep style competitor completely. So offroad prowess being at the forefront so that the relationship between Denali-GMC is equal to Range Rover-Land Rover. I still think a GMC Hummer would be perfect for the brand. A Wrangler Unlimited type of deal but slightly more civil on the road.


Ford: [*Shelby*-Lincoln-Ford]

Ford should have a dedicated, Porsche style performance brand. They do upscale performance so well but they never want to commit multiple generations to it. Maybe they could absorb the Shelby brand completely and make it an F-type/AMG GT style of sportscar maker and actually hit Corvette sales.


FCA: [Ferrari-Maserati-Alfa Romeo-Jeep-Chrysler-Ram-Dodge-Fiat]

This is just too many brands. Ferrari is its own thing. Maybe Maserati can focus on hitting between Jaguar and Aston rather than moving down further. Alfa can aim between Porsche and BMW/Cadillac. Jeep/Ram/Dodge/Fiat are fine, but Chrysler needs to be a brand focused on efficiency rather than this grey area between Chevy and Buick. Make the Chrysler brand focused on taking on the East Asian brands specifically.


VW: [Lamborghini-Bentley-Porsche-Audi-VW]

This is fine for the US.

BMW: [Rolls Royce-Mazda-MINI]

I just think Mazda would be left alone to do their thing and it wouldn’t interfere with the Toyota partnership since BMW has one as well.


Daimler: [Pagani-Aston Martin-Mercedes-smart]

This one is because I like trios. We’d get the German Audi-BMW-Mercedes rivalry, British Aston-Bentley-Rolls rivalry, and an Italian Ferrari-Lamborghini-Pagani rivalry. That’s pretty wicked to me.


Toyota: [Lotus-Lexus-Toyota]

Toyota needs a sport-centered arm since most of their engineers seem to be hardcore traditional drivers that love being given free range. However, Toyota and Lexus brands can’t go as hardcore as the people behind the models can move. If you’re keeping track, that puts (Corvette)-Shelby-Porsche-Alfa Romeo-Lotus all into the same general field for 50% to 100% of their models.


Honda: [Acura-Honda]

I got nothing...

Nissan: [Infiniti-Nissan]

I would like the Alpine to be offered, but I don’t know if we’d need another brand. I guess this is fine too as is.


Hyundai-Kia: [Genesis-Hyundai-Kia]

I don’t know how this works, but it seems to work.

Geely: [Volvo-Subaru]

You may feel completely differently, but I think Volvo and Subaru have similar ways of working and that Geely would give both the independence and resources to keep being themselves. Who’s next in safety and sensible performance after Volvo. To me, Subie all day long and even on the weekends.


Tata: [Jaguar-Land Rover]

Seems to be working!

I think I want Tesla to stay alone and be a tech giant that makes mobile devices that are actually mobile.


I’m sorry Mitsubishi, I have no idea where I’d want you. You’re like the straight block in Tetris, you can go where you want to, but you need to go somewhere!

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