As the minor production auto shows run their course, the ones with no spectacular concepts or un-veilings, the ones that are basically just a bunch of cars already on sale at your local dealership, I'm wondering if anyone managed to pick up some cool swag. It used to be you could get something cool from pretty much every manufacturer's display, but this year at the Portland Auto Show there was almost nothing. The normally best places: VW and MINI had nada. In fact, Nissan didn't even have brochures! They did have a GT-R with its doors locked so no one could sit in it (thrilling!). The one cool-ish thing my son and I picked up was from Scion:

Illustration for article titled Auto Show Swag (Trade?)

It's a "pull-back" racer for the FR-S. I love the FR-S and it was one of the reasons we hit up the Scion booth — to see if my 6 year old son could fit in the backseat (He couldn't because he has legs. Damn.). Anyway we grabbed a couple of these.

Was your auto show any better? What did you get? And since I have a couple extra of the Scions I'll certainly consider trading them.


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