So, this weekend I went to the Philly auto show. I’ve been going to this show when it was in Valley Forge. Anyway, my wife and I got in to a discussion about it.

Maybe I’m lame or just old, but I didn’t even look at the exotics that were there. Hell, the most expensive car I sat in was under 40k. Really expensive cars just don’t interest me. I go to a car show to scoop out my next potential car.

My wife thinks that’s dumb, and the point is to go and see stuff you can’t see every day. I explained to her that I want to crawl around the car and examine more closely. She said just go to a dealership for that. No, I’m not wasting the dealership’s time when I’m not buying now.


So, what is the point of an auto show for you?

SSide note to Honda. Why do you continually bring cars with power seats to the car show and then give people no way to adjust the seats? That’s my biggest reason for going to a show, to see if I can find a comfortable driving position. Okay, rant over.

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